Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Clarissa: July

How is that I'm actually ahead in my Clarissa reading??? I've somehow ended up in the middle of August! Clarissa has been my lunchtime book, and I've outlawed other books on my Nook until it's complete. And, I've been reading more at lunch lately because my office is freezing and I need to get out a little to thaw out, even though it's been more than 100 degrees outside here in Oklahoma. The readalong will continue through the year, but I'm hoping to finish up the reading this month because I'm sooooooooo tired of this book!

It really really bugs me when I don't like a classic. It makes me feel like I'm missing something. It rarely happens. Sometimes, like with James Joyce, I just discovered the book too soon and needed to mature before appreciating it. Sometimes, I may not like the book that much, but can see why it's a classic. Thomas Hardy sort of fits that category. He just doesn't quite do it for me, but I don't dislike his works or think they shouldn't be considered classics. Really, I'd say I do like him overall, there's just something in his writing style that seems off to me - his sentence structure can be awkward and it's like he starts to slip into poetry but then remember he's writing a novel mid-sentence. Anyway, despite that, I appreciate him. I'll read more of his works. Richardson though? I just don't get it.

It's never a good sign when a writer has something terrible happen to the protagonist and the reader thinks "Oh thank God! Finally! Maybe now things will pick up in this insufferable story!" But no. Richardson does good for a few letters and then....boredom. Repetition. People, this should be a riveting story! I think this is the first time this issue is discussed in literature! It should be a big deal! This was why I've stuck with this, because I knew this was coming and wanted to see how it was handled. It is not worth it.

I believe there's a reason why Richardson has fallen out of favor in academic study. He's mainly taught as a juxtaposition to Henry Fielding. This would be my recommendation if you want to read Richardson. Read Pamela, then read Fielding's Joseph Andrews and Shamela. Reading Pamela will help you better understand the humor in these two works by Fielding, which mock Pamela. They are hilarious. And awesome. And so worth the time. Pamela is much better and easier to get through than Clarissa, although I do think the main story in Clarissa is more powerful (I just wish it was handled by someone who could actually write/had a fantastic editor!!!). Pamela is basically Clarissa if Clarissa's family had less money and was a lower class and what happens when a virtuous servant tries to resist her master. Clarissa is sadly more realistic than Pamela, but Pamela takes less than half the pages to tell the story so it still wins. :) If you read Pamela and actually love it, then you might give Clarissa a try, but otherwise I would focus on the 101839461 other awesome classics out there instead!

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Hello Again!

So. I accidentally took a six-week blogging break. Six weeks!!! I did not mean to do this. I'm not sure why it happened. I've still been reading. I conquered Ulysses! How did I not come on here to brag? :) I will correct that soon and share some of the other wonderful books I've read lately. I'm also somehow AHEAD in my Clarissa readings, even though I total missed the June post. I'll post later today with my review of the letters through the end of July.

I suppose part of the reason I haven't been blogging is that I've started working on a novel again. I have a few I've started and stopped over the years and I picked one back up and am almost finished. I'm seriously going to finish this one and try to get it published. It will feel good just to have accomplished that instead of having partially finished drafts everywhere.

The other thing taking up a lot of time is that I caught totally sucked in to Pretty Little Liars. I'm not sure why I'm admitting that here. I'm 30 years old! At least I can say I'm working on a YA novel so it's "research" right? I saw Meg Cabot say that once about something else and it's a great excuse. But seriously, it's such a good show. Each episode has a cliffhanger and you CANNOT STOP WATCHING. I just wish I hadn't discovered this during the middle of the third season, which is currently airing. I watched the first two seasons on Netflix and don't want to pay $2 an episode to catch on season three (not that I'm not tempted).

I may try to post like this more often - more of quick little updates on reading progress rather than always posting a review. Perhaps if I made a goal to post something short each day, it would help discipline me in my non-work writing. One of the troubles I have with blogging even though I enjoy it as that I write so much at work, so it can be hard to make myself to write when I get home. But perhaps if I do it in a less formal way I can stick to it better. We shall see. For now, hello again and happy reading! (And happy birthday to Harry Potter!)