Monday, May 4, 2009

The Mirror Crack'd

Since Saturday was all nice and rainy, I curled up in my big chair by our back windows and read an Agatha Christie mystery. Most people hate rainy Saturdays, but I love them! It doesn't get much better than being curled up in my big red chair with my cats and a novel, listening to the rain. I had planned to finish up The Wars of the Roses on Saturday, but since it was all gloomy when I woke up, I pulled out a mystery. Agatha Christie never lets me down. Her books are the way all mysteries should be - full of interesting characters, a wide variety of valid suspects, hidden clues sprinkled around, comments from characters that throw you off track. It's very difficult to figure out who'dunit. Sometimes you might pick out one character who you're pretty sure did it, but you don't know why or how. You have to rely on the evidence of the characters, who may or may not be telling the truth, or may be telling what they think is the truth when they actually saw something else. In A Mirror Crack'd you have the added layer of not even being sure if the person murdered was the intended victim. So you have two sets of suspects - those who might have killed the actual victim and those who might have been trying to kill a different intended victim. I did manage to figure this one out, but it was at the very very end and I wouldn't have got it have it hadn't have been for something that happened at work last year that gave me a bit of a medical clue I would normally have not known. I love that! I also love that on top of being wonderful mysteries, you also get to peek into life in rural England in her books, which usually take place from around the 1920s to the early 1960s. FYI - Christie is the best selling book author of all time, and is tied with Shakespeare for the best selling author period. Only the Bible has outsold her. I really really hope we get to see The Mousetrap when we go to England! Oh, and in case you're wondering about the picture, I usually add images of the actual copy of the book I'm writing about, but I didn't see one for the copy I have. The copy I have looks boring anyway because it's part of a collection so it's just black with gilded lettering. I thought this image that came up when I searched for something to post at least was really funny. It cracks me up that there's parliament and Big Ben (which is funny too, the novel doesn't take place in London) and Japanese (or Mandarin or whatever) characters! It just made me smile.

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