Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Classics Club - Sept. 2012 Meme

The September meme for The Classics Club is to pick a review by another member and write about why it made you excited to read that classic as well. Anne Bronte is one of those writers I CANNOT believe I haven’t read, so I decided to pick one of the reviews of her two novels. I went with Athena at Aquatique’s review of Agnes Grey, which once again made me kick myself for not having read her works yet.
Like many readers of Anne’s works, Athena mentions Anne may become her favorite Bronte.  I like Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre so much, so why the heck haven’t I read Anne yet? Her books aren’t even that long, compared to other Victorians. Have I avoided her because I’m afraid of being disappointed?
This comment from Athena helps ease my fears and know what to expect:
“While the tone is still very Victorian, there are moments that could be in any novel after the 1900s. While I really liked Jane Eyre, and I have read Wuthering Heights, neither of those books are particularly realistic in terms of their plot. This one is the opposite.”
I think that both explains why I haven’t read her yet – her stuff doesn’t have the crazy plot/characters of her sisters’ most famous works – and explains why I will like her – I like realistic portrayals of life in different times.
Part of me feels the need to run home, abandon the other books I’m in the middle of, and read Agnes Grey tonight. And maybe I will, although I bet once I see Tana French’s thriller Broken Harbor waiting on my reading chair I’ll change my mind. Instead, I’ll plan to read her when I get to the Brontes in this DVD series I checked out from the library. I got the second volume of The English Novel, one of the Great Courses offered by The Teaching Company, for its lecture on Ulysses  when I read that this summer (review coming Saturday, finally!). I decided to check out volume one and go through the whole thing, reading any authors along the way with books on my classics list. First up is Tom Jones by Henry Fielding, which I’ve craved since finishing Clarissa. Plus, I’m about to start The Italian by Ann Radcliffe for the Gothic in October Readalong in October that Jean’s hosting.

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  1. Hello Lindsey! I feel like blushing a little for being chosen! Thank you. Like you, I was also surprised I had gone this long without having read Anne. I didn't know much about her until I watched some of the adaptation to Tenant a couple years ago and then, I knew I had to read her especially for the Club. I found the book a bit tough. Anne's tone in it is similar to another of my favourite Victorians: Thomas Hardy. It's realistic and honest portrayal of how life could be for Victorian women. I'm glad I read it though because it read both as a character novel, but also as a book on social history. Also, I loved Anne's style. I'd like to know how you find it because her sense of humor is modern and slightly cheeky. I have Tenant coming up eventually. Thanks again and I hope you enjoy Agnes Grey! :)