Sunday, July 5, 2009

BSC Forever

I'm really behind in my blog updates. I will try to catch up this week. First up is a recap of last weekend's reading. I had a terrible, awful, no-good day last Friday, all of last week really, so I was in no mood for serious reading material. So I pulled out my old friends in the Baby-Sitters Club. Yes, I'm 27. No, I don't have kids. Or like baby sitting. But I LOVE the BSC. Even now. I adore the stories, the messages Ann M. Martin gets across without beating you over the head. Reading them now makes me realize how much I learned from them. About friendship. About dealing with people. About racism, autism, and diabetes. She also incorporates great vocab words, so you do improve your reading skills too.

But the main reason I pulled them out last weekend is because I wanted to reconnect with some friends. Friends who don't need me to recap everything that's been going on so that we end up dwelling on crap. Friends who just distract me. (I know that sounds really pathetic. I do have real-life friends who do a wonderful job of distracting me and who I would normally talk to, but I just wasn't feeling social.) I think one of the main reasons I connect to the girls in the BSC so much is because of the fourth grade. That year I had a GIGANTIC fight with ALL of my friends. We didn't talk for months. That's a LONG time when you're 10. (The fight was stupid and showed me that I shouldn't be friends with girls like that anyway - I was "going out with" this guy and they wanted to break up with him. I said that was stupid because it's not like we were actually hanging out together and taking time away from my friends. We were 10! But they insisted and I told them I wasn't going to do that just because they wanted me to. I knew we would probably break up soon anyway, but I was really stubborn. Funny how the same thing happened in college. Some girls just really suck.) Anyway, since I didn't have a lot of friends that year, I obsessively read the BSC and pretended they were my real friends. They really helped me get through that year until fifth grade started and was AWESOME. So thank you Ann M. Martin for getting me through fourth grade and last weekend. And thanks to Stacey, Claudia, Mallory, Kristy, Mary Anne, Dawn, and Jessi. You're the best imaginary friends a girl could have. :)

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  1. LOVE it! :)

    I'm always a sucker for the old standby books... even if I read them 20 years ago.