Monday, February 1, 2010


Okay, so I'm 200 pages into Drood and it's due back at the library and my renewal limit is up. Do I finish it anyway and pay a small amount in fines? Or should I just abandon it?

I really want to like this book, and it has lots of wonderful elements, but I feel like it's a bit off. Something isn't keeping my interested. I think Louis Bayard hits in this review. Simmons needs a better editor. Condensing would have been nice here. I'm not put off by large books on their own. I enjoy Dickens himself, Gone with the Wind, and War and Peace. But those books keep me interested. I keep losing interest in Drood after a few pages, which is why it's due back and isn't finished. But I want to know what happens. And I really want to like it because Wilkie Collins is the narrator and it stars Dickens, but it's actually not giving very favorable impressions of either one.

I think writing this has convinced me to just turn it in. But, has anyone finished this and loved it? Any arguments for why I should finish it?

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  1. Hmmm...I've been wanting to read this book and am sorry to hear you found it wanting. I'm not one to spend precious reading time on something I don't really care about. Gone are the days when I felt I had to finish every book I started.