Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm back!

I'm back! My conference was more draining the usual since we had a much smaller even crew than normal, and I had a TON of work waiting when I got back to the office, so I've barely had time to breathe much less read or blog this week. And my Google Reader is out of control, although I've tried to read through some of them and make at least a couple of comments this week, but that's about the extent of my reading in general this week. Things are going really well at work, I'm just mentally drained from answering questions and writing and proofing at work this week to do much of anything except watch the Olympics and night and catch up on my shows from last week. The massive amount of Olympic hockey games this week hasn't helped either.
But, I did manage to read one book on the way to San Diego and one on the way back, and I have a review I didn't write of a book I finished right before my trip, so I'll get that written as well. By the end of the weekend I plan to have those three posts written, finish and write about the Lord of the Rings (which I should be posting tomorrow but will not be finishing that quickly), finish at least two of the library books I'm in the middle of, make a dent in my laundry and actually unpack, clean out my work inbox and catch up on my Google Reader. Yikes! Or maybe I'll just lounge on the couch with my cats! Especially since I'll have four more hockey games to watch. I really want to catch up though, and I really want to clean up my library pile because my goal is to finish this current stack and then try to read my own books for a while instead of being distracted by all the library books. I do not need to have 20 books checked from the library when I have a ton of unread books at home. My goal is to read through most of my unread books by the end of the year. I realize "most" is a rather vague goal and I should probably be a little more concrete, but I don't really want to count the number of books I own that I haven't read. I've gone to too many library book sales!
Anyway, welcome back, and I promise I'll have real posts by the end of the weekend!

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