Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bochus Yule

I grew with weekly visits to the library. I loved Saturday mornings, going with my mom and sometimes my little brother to the library, where I had to be dragged away with a giant stack of books. The branch I went to had a lovely indoor courtyard area with cushy chairs and I loved spending time there. After my house and my grandparents' house, it was a home away from home.

Once I got older, going to the library wasn't cool any more, or I suppose, I became more concerned about what was and what wasn't cool and stopped going. I still spent nearly all of my allowance on books and visited the library book sales and came home with a cartload of books, but I didn't check out books. It wasn't until the last two years that I've returned to the library.

The library I go to now isn't as cozy as the one I grew up near, but it's a good library, it's part of a large system that lets you reserve books online and have them sent to your branch from any of the other branches and it doesn't have that eau de homeless person smell that the library near my college did.

So, that's why I'm  participating in Clare at The Literary Omnivore's Bochus Yule. Since I've found a few books in my TBR pile that no longer interest me, I'll probably donate a few books. Also, since I won't be participating in the Friends of the Library booksale like I usually do, I'll donate some money instead. If you're interested, check out her site for more info on why she started the Bochus Yule and how you can participate!

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  1. Our local library collects books all year for a sale in July.

    I have a huge stack that I will be donating.

    Nice blog.