Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pandora Gets Vain

Pandora Gets Vain is the second book in the Pandora series by Carolyn Hennessy that I talked about earlier. These books are just plain fun. In this one, the girls begin traveling to Egypt from Greece to find Vanity. Along the way, the meet Homer, as in the poet not the Simpsons' character. He's just a young guy and isn't blind at this time, and isn't really a big talker. One of the girls gets a big crush on him though. He's pretty entertaining. They also get shipwrecked and end up hitching rides on dolphins, almost die in an Egyptian tomb, and meet up with a band of circus travelers.
These books are just perfect for tween/teen girls. They are light and fun, but have historical and personal lessons, are clean and wholesome, but not annoyingly and unrealistically so.

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