Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Reading About Readers

I read this blog post today about reading about characters who like to read. I always like when I come across a character who reads, and this blog post happened to point out four books that I've read and liked: Jane Eyre, David Copperfield, The Age of Innocence, and Madame Bovary. Another one that jumps out to me is Catherine in Northhanger Abbey by Jane Austen. That book actually is much better when you read it in context of Catherine being a big reader of gothic novels. The first time I read it around sophomore year of high school, I didn't get it. I didn't like Catherine and thought she overreacted to everything. Which she does, but she's basically trying to be a herione like in one of her precious novels, which makes it all much more understandable. It also makes more sense to know Austen was mocking gothic novels. Since reading it the second time in college with that understanding (thank you Dr. Gerard!), I not only now find this book to be hilarious, I also read more carefully when I notice a character reading.

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