Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thank God It's Monday!

Our sales leadership team read Roxanne Emmerich's Thank God It's Monday for our strategic planning meeting this week. I have to admit, I thought the title was cheesy and was not overly thrilled with the thought of reading it. However, it actually turned out to be a pretty good little book. It's all about creating a workplace that employees and customers will love. I really liked how it was written in short chapters, with "Try This" sections at the end of each one. Those sections made the book much more practical and easy to implement than many business books. It also just had a lot of common sense advice that makes you wonder why all companies don't do it. I am encouraged that our leadership team felt like this was something we should read and focus on in the coming year. Like most companies, we had a difficult year this year. When you're focused on staying in budget, layoffs, and whether offices will close, it's hard to focus on having fun at work and making it a place where everyone wants to go. Fortunately, we've fared much better than our competition this year and look like we're ready to charge into 2010 successfully. Hopefully we'll be able to implement some of the suggestions from this book to continue improving.

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