Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Projects/Challenges Updates

I thought I'd do an update post about my reading for January and the progress I've made oon projects and challenges. I enjoy reading other people's updates and it will help my stay organized!

TBR Double Dare/Project
I'm focusing on finally clearing off my TBR stacks. I've read 15 books from my shelves so far (not all in Jan.), and started and abandoned (and donated) three others. Woohoo! As part of this personal goal, I'm participating in CB's TBR Double Dare. So far so good! I've only read from my stacks so far in 2012. My one cheat book was supposed to be Claire Tomalin's Dickens biography, which came in from the library reserve list at the end of Dec., but since I gave up on it after 100 pages, so it barely even counts as an exception. I even went to the library once to pick up a book for my husband and resisted temptation! I think I'm enjoying marking stuff off my list so much I managed to stay strong. :) I did break down and buy one new book though. I was buying a baby gift for a friend at the bookstore and couldn't resist. I can't remember the last time I came home from a bookstore with just one book though! And I wouldn't read it until the double dare is over.

Greek Classics Challenge
I've read three plays by Euripides in January for Jean at Howling Frog's Greek Classics Challenge. It's been easier than I thought, so hopefully I can meet my goal of reading the rest of his and Aristophanes' plays this year.

A Classics Challenge
I read A Room with a View for November's Autumn's A Classics Challenge and posted it and it's author, EM Forster. I'm looking forward to reading more of him in the future!

I'm looking forward to making more progress on some of the other challenges in February and reading some books for Black History Month. Should be fun!

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