Monday, February 27, 2012


I'm extremely tempted to abandon my participation in CB's TBR Challenge - I miss the library! But I have SO MANY unread books. I've been doing a great job of sticking with my own books since Jan. 1 - and we're over halfway to April 1, the end of the challenge. I thought posting about it would make me stick with it. :)

I think that trying to read so many of my own books has taught me a few lessons. First, I need to stop buying so many books! I need to avoid library book sales - or just take a few dollars in cash. I can just donate money directly to the library to support them without buying so many books that I then have no need to go to the library...

Secondly, library books are so much easier to abandon. If I buy a book, even one for 50 cents, I feel compelled to finish it. Library books? Not so much. There's no commitment.

Lastly, my tastes have both saved the same and matured over the years. I've got quite a few books that have lingered for years, since high school or college, and it's interesting how some of them I really love and are items I'd pick up today, and then some others just make me wonder why I felt compelled to buy them.  I did go through and cull some of the books I knew I wouldn't like now, but for the most part I just can't get rid of books if I haven't read them.

Anyway, I'm going back to to my TBR pile and will avoid the library's temptations for another few weeks. Then April 1 I will have a library free for all! :)

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