Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Queen of the Big Time

Adriana Trigiani is one of those authors who I read one book by her and then felt compelled to by three more...and leave them on the shelf for years. Ugh. When reaching for The Queen of the Big Time, I had a feeling this was going to be one of those books were it's clear that my tastes have changed over time, but that was not the case!

The Queen of the Big Time looks like fluff - it's got a window shop on the front with a dress and hat box and shoes. But it's surprisingly deeper than I expected. In it, Nella grows up during the 1920s on a farm and dreams of living in town and continuing her education and becoming a teacher. When her plans are forced to change, she surprises everyone with how she handles it, including her self. Nella grows older through the novel, so you see the outcomes of her choices. It focuses on how we make so many choices in life, and we can't go back. We have to keep moving forward. We can't sit around questioning why something happened or what would have happened if we'd made a different decision. We'll miss what's right in front of us if we do that.

This is well written and is a great book if you're looking chick lit with some meat or something lighter that's not just fluff! I'm looking forward to reading the other books of hers I own now! Although I will warn you - it did make me crave Italian food because it's about an Italian-American community. Yum! Good thing that's what we're having tonight for Valentine's Day!

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