Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Daily Dozen

This isn't like my usual posts, but I wanted to write about it and this is my blog so I can do what I want to. :) A few weeks ago in one of my leadership groups at work we learned about John Maxwell's Daily Dozen. He has a list of 12 things he makes sure to do each day. I thought it was a neat idea at the time, but didn't do anything about it. Yesterday I was reading my friend and coworker's blog, and she wrote about how she created a Daily Dozen for her job. Reading her list inspired me to create my own list. See, at least this did come from something I read, even if it wasn't a book!
For now, I've created a list that mixes both personal and work-related items. I may end up splitting it into two full lists, but this is what I'm going to go with for now. I think for right now, the main point of this exercise for me was to give me items that I can check off a list everyday that make me realize I am moving forward toward something. One thing I've had to adjust to since becoming a manager a year ago is that a lot of what I do at work isn't stuff you put on a project list and check off. And I have to remember that things like taking franchisee calls and helping them are the main purpose of my job, not something that's interupting me from my project list. This list helps put some of those items in a list format, which makes it easier for me to see them as something that fits within a bigger picture.
Here's my Daily Dozen:
Spend time in the Word and in prayer.
Purposefully do something nice for Ryan.
Help a coworker.
Help a franchisee/staff member.
Read something for fun.
Read something about marketing.
Read something about leadership.
Manage my finances wisely.
Complete all items on my to-do list or reprioritize for the next day.
Write something for fun.
Make progress on long-term goals.
Lead well.

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  1. Hey, Lindsey! Thanks for sharing your daily dozen. I love seeing what other people are prioritizing for. Inspires me to keep evolving and helps me know how to help you! Having co-workers like you is such a gift. We'll have to compare notes in 6 months and see how this project's gone!