Monday, September 7, 2009

Defiant Heart

Defiant Heart is by Tracey Bateman, author of the trilogy that started with Catch a Rising Star. I had picked it up at the library after reading the first book in that series, but hadn't read it yet. I liked it a lot better than the the last two books in her previous trilogy. This one is set in 1850 on the Oregon Trail. A young girl and her two siblings are trapped as indentured servants who run away and join a group of wagons going west. It reminded me of playing Oregon Trail. Will they be able to ford the river? Should you pay for the ferry? Should you stop in town and buy overpriced goods? But, it also had a good story. Nothing deep or revolutionary, just a simple story that took only a few hours to read. It was a nice way to spend a labor day morning. I'm going to have to get back to reading less fluff though. When things got stressful and dramatic at work, I stopped reading anything but fluff because there was enough drama going on at work. But things have calmed down now and I should go back to meatier reading. Although I am traveling the next two weeks, so it might not be until after then that I actually read something of substance. We'll see.

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