Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals

I wasn’t going to post any sort of goals post, but Allie inspired me to! I enjoyed reading her post, so what the hey, right?


• Continue reading an average of two books a week (104 for the year)

• Read all the books on my TBR pile reading plan for the year (about half of my total books for the year)

• Succeed in the challenges I’ve signed up for

• Make a massive dent in my TBR shelves!

• Blog at least three times a week

• Include more posts that are more personal, not just reviews

• Do not buy any books except as allowed as an incentive for clearing off the TBR shelves (3 Persephones or 3-5 Morland Dynasty books since these are available through my library system for every 50 books I read from my TBR piles) and any book gift cards I get.


• Lose 15-20 more pounds! With muscle gain, I’m not sure on the exact weight goal because I will hopefully gain some muscle, but somewhere in that range should be good.

• Enjoy the present. I spend WAY too much time focusing on the future. I’ll still do that, but I need to enjoy life as I’m living it!

• Stop complaining. My life is actually pretty awesome and I need to learn to remember that!

• Continue reducing the amount of processed food I eat.

• Continue growing emergency fund and paying off debt.

• Help keep Ryan on track with school! My husband’s going back to school to be a history teacher.

• Finish writing my current novel, edit it, and submit it to agents!

• Do more volunteer work.

• Practice some of the ideas of minimalism – buy less crap and get rid of more of the crap I already own. Simplify.

• Have a media fast once a month – no TV or internet – including on my iPhone! Read and write and spend time with Ryan and friends instead.

Happy New Year everyone! What are your goals for the year?

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