Sunday, January 22, 2012

Media Free Day

Yesterday was glorious! One of my goals for this year is to have a "media free" day once a month. No TV, no movies, no internet. By default, this basically means a mini-readathon for me! I can also choose to do things around the house, go out with friends, write, etc., but for the most part I'll end up reading. I decided to do this to be more conscious of how I spend my time.

Although I already read a lot, and read for hours on Saturdays anyway, I feel like I waste a lot of time screwing around on my phone looking at Facebook, Google Reader, my email and watching junk on TV. None of those things are bad, and I don't want to cut them out entirely, but I want to think about how I spend my time.

Despite having a sinus headache, which I usually would use as an excuse to zone out in front of the TV, I did a ton of reading. I just started with a young adult novel and then went on to other stuff after my head stopped hurting.

I managed to read The Truth about Forever by Sarah Dessen, The Heraceidae by Euripides, The Rape of Lucrece by Shakespeare, finished one political book and started another, and finished The Waves by Virginia Woolf. Not too bad! I'm already looking forward to next month's day! This did make me want to limit my TV watching more in general (I've already cut back some) and not waste so much time online. I hope everyone else had a happy reading weekend too!


  1. What a great idea! I need to do this...

  2. This is why I love book bloggers - you think this is a great idea instead of thinking I'm crazy. :)

  3. I'm always feeling like I have to many electronics going and not enough quiet time. This is a good idea. It's not overwhelming to think of doing it just once a month. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yeah, I don't know how people do it for long stretches. Once a month seems just fine, and maybe when it's not sports season I'll manage twice a month!