Sunday, August 2, 2009

Harry Potter

This post is a little late since I finished rereading all of the Harry Potter books a few weeks ago, but better late than never. This time around, I especially enjoyed how great of an escape they are. And they made me wish (again) that I could use magic to clean and cook. Life would be much easier. I would probably weigh 300 pounds though because that would definately encourage laziness!

I also made an interesting discovery this time through, although it actually started when we watched the fifth movie again. You see, there's this woman I know who I just took an instant dislike to, for no rational reason. Then I got to know her and realized I didn't like her for a rational reason - she's patronizing and stuck up. But after seeing the movie again, I also realized she looks a lot like Professor Umbridge! She's quite a bit younger, so technically she looks like a 15-year younger version of her and she doesn't wear so much pink, but there's definately a resemblance. Realizing that has made it easier to deal with her because now I laugh about that every time I interact with her. Thinking about Professor Umbridge (the one in the book) also taught me a lesson - sometimes it's just better to keep your mouth shut. Harry keeps talking back to her and all it does is bring trouble on himself. She never changes, not even after it's clear that Harry is right. She never apologizes and continues actually horrible. Some people are just like that. I'm someone who has a tendency to beat my points to death and speak up a little too much, so that was a good lesson to learn. I'm obviously not saying you should never speak up or argue (there's no way I could do that!), but you do need to learn when to do it and when not to.

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