Friday, August 21, 2009

Pandora Gets Jealous

So after reading Atonement I needed something a little lighter and went for Pandora Gets Jealous. It's a young adult book by Carolyn Hennesy. Carolyn has a role on General Hospital, my favorite soap (even though it sucks right now and One Life to Live has better stories at the moment even though it's uneven). Her character, Diane, is hilarious and I knew she was also a trapeze artist, which I think is interesting, so I thought I'd give it a try. It takes place in ancient Greece and is about Pandora, of box fame. Pandora is the 13-year-old daughter of Prometheus, a Titan who brought fire to man. He's also the keeper of the box of evils that becomes Pandora's box once she opens it. Pandora takes the box to school one day for a project and it accidentally opens. Hera cooks up a plan for her to have to return all of the evils to the box within six months or her whole family will be tortured forever. So she and her two best friends set out to save the world. It's full of gods and mythical characters and real places. I love that I can see how a young girl would love it for the story and because Pandora seems like a regular 13-year-old girl, but they're learning all this stuff at the same time that hopefully spurs an interest in ancient Greece. Even if it doesn't immediately, how great is that some of the names would stick in their minds and then when they get to college, and maybe a little in high school, they remember these names as characters from a book they loved? It might make reading some of the ancient works and history more interesting to them.

I also just really thought the book was funny. She did a bunch of things like have them say "oh my gods!" And it was impressive how real she made Pandora, and made her where (I think anyway) modern girls could identify with her worries about her looks, if a boy likes her, looking stupid in front of the school, being popular. This is a series where she'll recapture one evil a book. Up next will be vanity once I go get the book from the library.

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