Sunday, August 23, 2009

That's Not Exactly Amore

That's Not Exactly Amore is the the third and final book in the series by Tracey Bateman. It wasn't as good as Catch a Rising Star, but was better than You Had Me at Good-bye. I mentioned in my post about the second book that this book is about Laini, who should be a baker/caterer and is instead trying to follow a misguided dream of being an interior designer. I thought I would get really frustrated with her, but actually I kind of understood how she was missing what was right in front of her. We often look at things we're good at and assume we couldn't be fortunate enough to make a living doing that. She just saw her baking and cooking as a hobby and had to have someone help her see that it could be a career too. She's a much less frustrating character than Dancy, although she does have some of the same inabilities to say what's really on her mind. And she's 30 years old and still goes home to her mom's every weekend - the entire weekend. Now, I see my family every Sunday, but I don't go spend the entire weekend with them. It's kind of weird. And she says that she won't even think about kissing a guy until the third date about 50 times. Now I understand wanting to teach good morals and everything, but she just started to sound like a loser. That's something you want to teach your teenager daughter, but it sounds slightly ridiculous for a 30 year old grown woman. You probably know by the end of the first date if he's worth dating and kissing. And you're not going to be struck down by lightening for kissing a guy on the first date. Just my opinion. Still, it was refreshing to read something where the characters weren't sleeping with someone on the first date. But, I just think that kind of overdoing it makes Christianity sound unappealing to non-believers.

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