Sunday, November 29, 2009

Flowers in the Attic

I reread Flowers in the Attic for the Four-Months Challenge. I had thought about rereading V.C. Andrews a few months ago, and this reminded me of that. On rereading Flowers in the Attic, I can't believe I read that book when I was 13!!! It's totally inappropriate for a 13-year-old. That's not my parents fault though, I had borrowed it from a friend. Although they were never strict with books anyway. I remember knowing that the book was dirty, and expected lots of sex, and I remember there not actualy being much sex, and I remember being horrified by this book, but I couldn't remember all the details. I think I had actually read it too quickly looking for the dirty bits. Or maybe I was too horrified to finish it, because the ending shocked me and seemed entirely new to me. I remember all of her Landry and Casteel series - especially the Landry one. I can vividly remember the details of the mansion and the bayou in that series, which is funny because Andrews didn't write that series. She had died and left behind outlines and things and another writer began writing under her name at that point.
Anyway, on rereading it, I was absolutely horrified! It turned my stomach. Marrying your half-uncle, sleeping with your brother, it's disgusting. Who does that? Who writes about that? Why buys that? Fortunately, that actually takes up a very small part of the book. I will say that the story itself is really good. It was hard to put down, even though it was hard to read about the children locked in the attic. And the ending was just horrifying. So, it was a great book, a riveting book, just not an easy to stomach book. You hear about stories like this in the news, and the recent story about Jaycee Dugard probably made this harder to read because it's fresh on my mind that terrible things happen to people. This book is all the more horrifying in that the mother and grandmother are committing the evils. But it definitely makes me want to go dig into the Jennifer Weiner novel to recover.


  1. LOL I read a couple of VC Andrews books in middle school-not this one, but ones that definitely had some unintentional incest going on. I think it's a weird middle school girl thing!

  2. I've read the first few books by her an it seems to me that they all seem to have the same recipe. I'm just wondering if some of these events have actually taken place. Like in the sequal to this book the doctors wife was rape as a you girl and fears sex, but the same thing happens to the girl in my sweet audrina. In heaven there is some half relative sexual relationships, as in this book. Am I making this up I does this seem to be the case?

  3. the book is really good.... you see the movie guys its way better than the book