Sunday, November 29, 2009

Remember Me?

I actually finished Remember Me by Sophie Kinsella last week, but I've been insanely busy at work and when I've been at home I've wanted to read and watch TV and not sit at a computer so I got a bit behind in my blogging. I love Kinsella's books, and they are perfect for when you're busy at work and want to have just a quick, light-hearted escape for a bit. This one is sort of like Samantha Who? if you watched that show. Which you probably didn't since it didn't last very long, but which I loved. And Ryan would even watch it with me. Probably more to check out Christina Applegate and Jennifer Esposito than anything else, but anyway. The story is about a girl who is in an accident and had amnesia. She's completely blocked out the last three years of her life, and wakes up with a brilliant career, a husband, tons and tons of money, and different friends. She thinks she's still a struggling 25-year-old with a dead-end career and loser boyfriend. It's quite funny watching her try to figure out her new life. It was also funny to me that I read this two weeks after turning 28 and she makes a comment about waking up and being 28 and how freaking old that is. Thanks a lot there, Ms. Kinsella. Anyway, it's a lovely little book and is great for a bit of fun reading. Kinsella wrote the Shopaholic books, which are actually really funny and good despite how the movie looked. My mom and I both love them.

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