Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Happens in London...

I know romance novels aren't the most literary things in the world, but they are great for a nice break. And I love Julia Quinn. She's intelligent (she went to Harvard!), she writes well, she creates lovable characters, her books actually have a story, she writes more realistic sex scenes than most authors period (seriously), and she's funny. That said, What Happens in London isn't her best book. It's still good, and I still enjoyed it, but it just didn't draw me in the same her Bridgerton series or most of her other books do. I'm not sure what it was. It definitely picked up by the end, and I caught myself wandering around the house brushing my teeth and fixing dinner with it in my hand (hmmm...that's probably why I'm not the most outstanding cook in the world), but it had a slower start than usual. I think it was because there wasn't any suspense about the two characters. She tried to create mystery around Harry, but since we see things from his point of view early on we know he's a good guy. I think that was the problem. But Julia Quinn on a bad day is far superior to most romance novelists on their best days.

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