Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Hobbit

I'm a little late posting my halfway through The Hobbit for the LOTR read-a-long post. I actually hadn't started it yet when Eva posted this, and I started it while I was traveling so I'm just now getting to write about it.

Where are you in the story? So far, has the book lived up to your expectations (for first-timers)/memories (for rereaders)? What’s surprising or familiar?
I actually read it all in one day, when we were heading to Pittsburgh. I read on the flights and during our layover, and just had a chapter left that I read before we went to sleep that night. I was surprised I read it so quickly. I doubt the other books go so fast. I did enjoy rereading it, and found it to be particularly good as a travel book, since the subtitle is There and Back Again. The story was familiar overall, but I forgot how early in the book Bilbo meets Gollum and gets the ring. I was also surprised that ponies kept getting eaten. I didn't notice that the first time!

Have you been bogged down anywhere in the book?
Since I read it so quickly, nope!

Let’s talk about the songs…are you skipping over them to get back to the prose? Why or why not?
I did read all the songs, but they don't really interest me. I didn't read them very closely.

What do you think of the narrator’s voice?
I like it. He's funny, in a dry way. And he sounds like a story teller, which is why I think I reread it quickly. I noticed more this time how he's talking more to a younger audience than with the other books.

Does your edition have illustrations or maps? Have you been ignoring them or referring back to them?
My does have two maps, nothing too elaborate. It doesn't have illustrations. I did look at the maps, but didn't refer back to them.

Now it’s time to play favourites! Who’s your favourite main character? Who’s your favourite minor character (i.e.: villains, random helpers, etc.)? What’s your favourite scene? Do you have a favourite quote to share?
I'm a bit boring on this. Bilbo is my favorite character. Like him, although I like being on vacation and going on adventures, I'm glad to get back home and be comfortable. I don't think the minor characters are as developed as fully as they are in the other books, so it's harder for me to pick one. I do like Gollum, but I think that's mainly because of the other books. I like the scene with Bilbo and Gollum where they are testing each other with riddles. I'm not really a quote person, so I don't have a favorite quote. I sort of have one from later in the book, so I'll save that.

If you haven't finished The Hobbit yet, good luck in continuing your reading and I look forward to reading everyone's posts next Monday!

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