Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Arguing with Idiots

I know most people in the book blogging world probably aren't Glenn Beck fans, but I love the guy. And I loved his Arguing with Idiots too. Glenn is a libertarian, and the book is about exposing big government and trying to get people to go back to wanting small government. It's about personal responsibility and not expecting the government to take care of you. Grow up.
I like that Glenn shows how both Democrats and Republicans are wrong and need to be stopped. He's not just complaining about one party while the other party does the exact same thing, just to a greater or lesser extent than the other. All of his arguments come down to the Constitution - if it's in there then okay, if not, then it's not okay. The Constitution gives the federal government very few rights - so they should not be doing 90% of what they're doing. On the other hand, if a state wants to do something, it can go right ahead as long as they're following their state constitution. For example, the Constitution definitely doesn't give the federal government the right to create a national healthcare program. But if a state wants to screw themselves (like Massachusetts), then go right ahead. It's crazy how involved the government is with every aspect of our lives. It's none of their business where I send my child to school or if I homeschool. It's none of their business if I wear a seatbelt. Or if I buy health insurance. But, I don't expect the government to take care of me if I get in a wreck and am seriously injured because I was stupid and didn't wear a seatbelt. That's on me to fix, not them. I will stop there because this isn't a political blog, it's a book blog, but if you're interested in libertarian beliefs, this is a great book to pick up.
Also, it's a fun book. I liked how the book was laid out. It it very colorful and makes a lot of use out of sideboxes and pictures or illustrations. That made it a much more entertaining read than many nonfiction books are.

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