Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Only 5408 More Books to Read?

I was reading Rebecca Reid's blog today and she made a comment about if she continues reading at her current pace, she'll only read about 6,000 more books in her lifetime. I decided to see how many I could expect to read. I average two a week, and estimated that I would until I'm 88. Why 88? It's easy to subtract 28 from 88, that's why. That gives me only 6,240 more books to read! This is spinning me into a panic! Especially when you consider that I could have kids some day and may not be able to maintain my two books a week pace when they are younger. Oh no! I need to read four a week! Yikes. I realize that 6,000 is a pretty big number, but considering that I regularly buy over 50 books at once at library book sales and can't escape any bookstore without buying at least 10, plus I check out a stack at the library every two weeks, this seems really low.
So, I'm going to shoot for 3.5 books a week on average for next year, or 15 books per month. That will give me 10,800 books to read until I'm 88. I'm also going to set a goal of reading every book in my personal library next year, except for some of Ryan's stuff from college.

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