Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Belly Laughs

This is the book I actually meant to read when I read Baby Laughs. I am writing, although I use that term losely since it's more like "I wrote 15 pages and then stopped and am 'researching' for a part of the book I'm not even to yet" than actual writing at that moment. As part of that research that is really just procrastinating, I read Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy. Since I've never been pregnant, I wanted some information about it, and I thought McCarthy might share things the more scientific books don't share, things that I would want to include in my book. There are definitely surprises in the book that do not make me any more inclined to go the mommy route myself. It's all quite gross actually. But I love that McCarthy just bares it all (I guess she's used to that! Ba dum bum bum). I do think this would be good for anyone going through pregancy for the first time, to know that what they are experiencing is normal. She's also funny. I do think it's sad though that she's no longer with her husband from the books. Anyway, if you know someone who is expecting or thinking about getting pregnant, this is a great one to recommend.

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