Friday, December 11, 2009

Best Friends Forever

I almost turned this back into the library without posting a review. Oops. I picked up Best Friends Forever by Jennifer Weiner when I wanted to read something a little more light-hearted. This ended up having a main character who tragically lost both of her parents, might have cancer, was picked on in school and lost her best friend her last year of high school for trying to defend her, and has a brother who was in a tragic accident that left him brain damaged. So not the best pick for something light and fluffy, but like all of Weiner's books, it was still funny and uplifting. It made me miss my best friend from high school though. We drifted apart after graduating, like most people do. We shared so much when we were younger, she even went on vacation with my family and celebrated Easter with us, and now we barely ever see each other.
I did enjoy this book and I would recommend it to people who like Weiner, but if you haven't read anything of hers I would start with Goodnight Nobody or Little Earthquakes first.

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  1. I sometimes return libary books unread, if the mood to strike them hasn't hit me! I figure they'll always be there if I want to read them later. :)