Saturday, April 3, 2010

Nanny Returns

Just once I would like to see a character who asks "should I have kids or shouldn't I?" answer with a "no." I think I may have to write my own book to get this ending. Unless anyone has any book suggestions for me?

Nanny Returns: A NovelThat is not the main plot point in Nanny Returns, but it did bug me. It probably bothered me mainly because I was already disappointed with the book. I really enjoyed The Nanny Diaries. I thought it was funny, entertaining, and surprisingly well written for haing two authors. I usually find that even with the editing process, books with two authors have an uneven flow. I felt like that was more noticeable in Nanny Returns. It wasn't clear cut when the changes happened or anything like that, just overall it felt uneven.

Also, in this book the characters all just annoyed me so much I just wanted them all to die. While you're supposed to dislike Mrs. and Mr. X, I also disliked the children and Nan. I know Nan had no backbone until the end of the first book, but in this book it's like she reverts to having no backbone and ends up even worse because I felt like she let her husband talk her into the baby at the end. In the first book, you understood her actions because she wanted to make sure Grayer was taken care of, but this time he's an annoying 16-year-old so it's hard to see why she gets involved. When his parents dump him and his brother, why doesn't she just call the police to track them down? And how can she possibly live in a house as disgusting as the way hers is described? (It's being remodeled.)

So, I'd pass on this one. I did enjoy Dedication by the same authors, so if you want more of their style I'd go with that one instead of Nanny Returns (or Citizen Girl. That was awful.)

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