Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pantyworthy mini-challenge

Well, this is a challenge you don't see everyday! The Book Lady's Blog is hosting a pantyworthy mini-challenge. I decided to write about Darin Strauss, author of Chang and Eng, which I gushed about here. I LOVED Chang and Eng and couldn't stop talking about it. Then I looked at Strauss's website and realized that in addition to being a great writer, he's rather attractive. You can also check him out here. He's also married with twin boys (how funny is that?). I have to say, you don't see a lot of good looking male writers these days.

I have to share something fun for this post - Strauss actually e-mailed me this week because he read my post on Chang and Eng! How crazy fun is that?

1 comment:

  1. Wonder what Strauss will say if he sees this post? Though I'm sure that being deemed pantyworthy can really only make a person's day better. Thanks for taking the challenge!